Occupancy and Queue Optimisation
Solutions for COVID-19

Covid-19 has created multiple challenges for business.

These include:

  • The challenge for shops

  • Creating separation on stairs

  • Maintaining Social distancing in confined spaces

The Challenge for Shops

To minimise the disruption for customers and maximise throughput while creating a safe environment is essential to doing business.


To potentially reduce excessive queues, which can be off-putting to customers, while complying with government guidelines.

The Solution

Our simple plug and play package allows you to create a safe environment whilst minimising queueing. This can remove the negative impressions customers may have when seeing an excessive queue, and improve the overall customer experience.

The package requires no installation, and is battery powered giving you flexibility on where to locate the unit. To  recharge the batteries simply plug the unit in at close of business, ready for use the following day.

Our lights are readily understood by customers, as they are similar to traffic lights. The reliable package is ideal for SMEs to monitor occupancy and maintain a safe environment.

Our solutions are scalable and can be automated for larger premises. Support social distancing, maximise your throughput and let us help you create a safe environment.

Self contained solution for Covid-19 queue optimisation

Creating Separation on Stairs

Maintaining social distancing on staircases can be difficult, especially at the start and end of the working day stairways can become overcrowded.

The Solution

Our solution - the stairs kit - enhances the occupancy monitoring  for shops solution with a sensor on a rotating bracket. The sensor rotates 270 degrees to allow flexibility in positioning the station (functions easily from either side of the stairs)

The sensor is positioned to detect a person on the stairs. Once they have passed the station the domed indicator light changes from green to red.

It remains on red for an adjustable time period (between 1 to 15 seconds as requirements) returning to green, following this time, signalling that the next person may use the stairs.

Support social distancing, maximise your throughput and let us help you create a safe environment.


Maintaining Social Distancing in Confined spaces

To maintain a safe environment, multi-occupancy spaces now need to be monitored. Spaces that may have once been suitable for many people, can potentially find the occupancy reduced due to social distancing.

The Solution

Our package - the counting kit - enhances the occupancy monitoring for shops solution with two sensors to allow control of the occupancy in confined spaces.


The sequence in which the sensors are triggered determines the direction of travel and increases or decreases the count accordingly.

Using domed indicators increases all round visibility, with the indicator remaining green until maximum occupancy is reached at which point when it turns red.


Once the count is reduced by someone leaving the space, the indicator returns to green. The maximum  number of occupants can be set to between 1 and 9 people using the rotary dial on the station.

Support social distancing, maximise your occupancy in confined spaces and let us help you create a safe environment.